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CMOH Order 07-2020 has been issued. This decision modifies CMOH Order 02-2020 by removing the prohibition from attending an outdoor shooting range. The Range is open for use with the following restrictions:

• The number of users has no maximum, but should not exceed a number that can maintain effective physical distancing.
• The Clubhouse is open but Social Distancing rules still apply.
• Those who are sick or symptomatic must not enter/participate. Individuals who are displaying symptoms are required to self-isolate under CMOH Order 05-2020 and shall not be permitted into the Range.
• Physical distancing must be observed at all times, with a minimum of two meters of space between individuals (except those that reside in the same household).
• Particular attention must be paid to the cleaning and disinfecting of common-touch surfaces.
• Disinfectants will be available to sanitize surfaces when participants have finished their session.
• Members must supply their own hand hygiene supplies.
• FMFG is not responsible for anyone contracting COVID 19 while at the range.
• All members understand the risk associated with not staying at home during the COVID 19 Pandemic.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Collin Armstrong
Fort McMurray Fish & Game Assoc.

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