Centerfire Rifle

For more information about our Rifle Range please contact the Centerfire Rifle Range Chairperson, Andrew Howse.

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The Fort McMurray Fish and Game Association has three different rifle ranges designed for different types of rifles.
There is a covered rimfire/black powder range that is approved for rimfire cartridges or black powder guns. There is various target stands and steel targets to use. Various sturdy wood tables of different heights to accommodate kids and adults.
There is a covered 500 meter centerfire rifle range that has target boards at 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards and 200 yards. It also has steel gongs at 200 meters, 300 meters, 400 meters and 500 meters. The 500 meter centerfire range is rated for 338 Lapua and smaller cartridges. Single projectiles from shotguns is also permitted on this range.
There is an elevated, enclosed 1000 meter centerfire rifle range is located to the west of the 500 meter range. The 1000 meter range is a Range Safety Officer controlled range, which means it can only be in operation when there is a RSO volunteering their time to maintain the safe operation. There is steel gongs prehung on the 1000 meter range at 600 meter, 700 meter, 800 meter, 900 meter and 1000 meter distances.
The open times for the 1000 meter range will be posted in the calendar on the website as they become available. The 1000 meter range is rated for centerfire rifles up to and including 50 BMG.
If there is any questions, feel free to message the Rifle Chair for more information.