Practical Pistol Development

Practical Pistol Developement
Prerequisite: IPSC B.B. or Agency training �Course is designed to improve further development of skills improving foundation in a practical effective manner following the Black Badge class. The course will start with reviewing the fundamentals of shooting. You will soon advance to skills that will improve your reaction time, allow you to shoot faster with a higher degree of accuracy, and increase your confidence.
The following topics will be covered:
Safety , Gear Placement , Understanding Fundamentals of Shooting , Recoil Management , Effective Malfunction clearing ,Admin, Speed/tactical reloads , Target engagement , Proper Use of Barricades , Adverse Angles , Programing drills to improve your performance on the range , draw refinement drills to improve the presentation speed. One-hand Shooting and Stress induced shooting drills in a competitive environment.
This class teaches you how to practice for best personal outcome
Ammunition Requirements: 700 rounds of pistol ammunition.
Gear List: Pistol 9mm min. cal, holster, stiff pistol belt, four magazines, magazine holders, eye protection, ear protection and 6 dummy rounds. (No Serpa style holsters allowed)
Course Fee:
$175 / participant
Full payment is required to hold a spot. Please note * Once you commit to a spot it is yours.
Register early to insure a spot.

Course Date – Sept 9th 8 am - 5 pm 2019 Location FMFG

For more information and to register Contact –

John Dzurka phone ( 867 ) 445 -4783 or email

Monday, September 9, 2019
8 am to 5 pm