Membership details.

Mermberships can be purchased at the Canadian Tire Outdoor Store and Chow's Varieties.

Membership Chair: Russ Thain. Tel: (780) 370-7110 Email:

Current Membership Cost - $200 per calendar year

Below you will find attached documents including Membership Agreement, User Waiver, and our Range Rules.

If you lose your card you will be subject to a $25.00. card replacement fee.


Members are welcome to bring guests for up to 2 visits per guest after which they will require their own membership. Please note that members and guests must take up only one shooting bench on the rim fire and rifle ranges and not infringe on the usage rights of other FMFGA members. Also the FMFGA member is totally responsible for the activities and conduct of the guests they bring. Safety violations, misdemeanor actions or mistreatment of others will NOT be tolerated and could result in the member being sanctioned up to or including loss of membership.

Print, read, and fill out the forms

Take the forms to:
Chow's Variety (Thickwood or Downtown location)

If you have any issues with the gate access card please contact the membership chair at 780-370 7110. (Text preferred)

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