3 Gun

The contact person for 3 Gun is Greg Wolf at fmfg3g@gmail.com

2019 3-Gun Schedule
The schedule for the 2019 3-Gun season is as follows; May 4th, May 18th, June 1st, June 22nd, July 6th, July 21st, August 17th, September 14th and September 28th. All of these dates are Saturdays but additional matches may be added depending on interest and availability of RSO's.

Who Can Shoot
Any current member of Fort McMurray Fish and Game Association. You do not need a black badge, holster or other competitive training certification to shoot 3-Gun with us. You must have a good attitude, be willing to follow direction, be ready to work and most importantly be able to handle firearms safely. If you cannot do all of the aforementioned, you will not be permitted to play and you will be sent home without a refund.

All shooters are expected to be on time the day of the shoot (8:00 AM) to help setup and stay until the end of the tear down. Shooters that arrive after setup or leave early without approval may be permanently dis-invited. If you have a very good reason for this let us know and we may allow it, however you may be bringing Tims or Pizza for everybody.

Currently you must be a member of the Fort McMurray Fish and Game Association to shoot 3-Gun at the club. If you are not from Fort McMurray and wish to shoot, please email us at FMFG3G@gmail.com and we can discuss it with you.

Registration Process
All matches are registered for through the Practiscore website, to shoot a match you'll need to set up your own Practiscore account on the website by going here: https://practiscore.com/login.

Once you have your own Practiscore account you will be able to register for the match by going to the FMFG3G Dashboard here: https://practiscore.com/clubs/fmfg-3-gun.

Match Payment
Match fees are $20.00 for members. After you have registered for the match/s you wish to attend on Practiscore you will need to send payment in the form of an electronic money transfer (EMT) to FMFG3G@gmail.com for each match you are registering for. The password for the EMT transfer is to be "FMFG3GMatch"

Once we have processed your payment/s for your registration for the match/s in Practiscore you will be approved and receive an email confirming you are registered.

Equipment and Ammunition
You will need access to a .223/5.56 caliber semi-automatic rifle, a pump or semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun and a minimum 9mm caliber semi-automatic handgun and holster to carry it. Handguns must be holstered on the hip and be secure enough to keep your handgun in place during vigorous movement. Serpa, cross-draw, inside the waste band and shoulder holsters are not permitted. You will also need a means of carrying sufficient ammunition and magazines with you to complete each course of fire. There are literally hundreds of options for carrying magazines and ammunition on the net so have a look around before buying. Depending on how accurate you shoot we recommend being able to carry 30-40 rounds of .223, 40-50 rounds of 9mm and 10-20 rounds of 12 gauge shotshells. (It's not unusual to see people to run out of magazines or ammunition if they are carrying less than this. I know it's a lot, but hey, we come to shoot.) Plan on shooting this amount 4-5 times in a day. Also important to note is that our bays are not approved for rifle cartridges larger than .223/5.56 so 7.62x39 caliber guns are not permitted.

To give you some more equipment ideas check out the links below from a Canadian website.

If you have specific questions email us at FMFG3G@gmail.com